We are member
of the ECPE e.V.

Your testing partner for Power Semiconductors

We do understand Power Semiconductors as a complete system ranging from its packaging to all available chip technologies including also latest generations and research findings
Chemnitz Power Labs is a company which has been originated as a Spin-Off of the Professorship of Power Electronics of the Chemnitz University of Technology
Our mission is to provide highly specialized testing services for customers who develop, integrate or use Power Semiconductors and need to know their limits

We are member of the ECPE e.V.

Discover the publications that are driving the standards for reliability of Power Semiconductors. Many of those have the imprint of our founding partners

How we operate

Power Semiconductor Technologies

Our experts possess a deep knowledge on the technology and reliability behind Si, SiC and GaN based Power Semiconductors

Package Flexibility

Our test benches are compatible with all available packages. We do understand though that for our customers time and flexibility is of the essence and therefore our test benches can be adapted to new packages in a prompt manner

Innovative testing methods

We cover all known testing methods of Power Semiconductors and our test benches are prepared for parallel testing of a high number of DUT’s (Devices Under Test). We can support you to define testing strategies to verify specific failure modes or optimize the test duration. We are as well eager to develop new test methods with you to cover any specific needs that you might have

We are a certified ISO9001:2015 company