Measurement and Control Systems

Reliability testing of Power Electronics is a highly specialized field which requires both highly specialized measurement as well as control systems. To that end we are developing dedicated hardware customized to fulfill all requirements of our testing applications. Our measurement and control systems provide a vast amount of isolated and non-isolated interfaces that trigger the steps required in Power Cycling, HTRB, H3TRB, HTGB and Zth tests as well as gather all required signals from the Devices Under Test for further analysis and reporting. A customized Labview based Interface has been developed to be able to setup our Systems and process its measurements


The Chemnitz Power Labs Standard Measurement and Control System for reliability testing provides the following interfaces:

  • 32 isolated Analog Input channels with a voltage range of +/-5V, 24 bit signal resolution and sample rate of 100ksps/channel
  • 2 High Speed Analog Input channels with sample rate of 2Msps/channel
  • 16 isolated Thermocouple Type K/T Inputs with 24 bit signal resolution
  • 16 Digital Outputs to control gate drivers of the DUTs as well as support switches (f.i. aux switches in Power Cycling)
  • 8 Digital Outputs for 4-Wire Pump and Fan control
  • Additional USART outputs for interfacing with temperature control units and current sources
  •  10/100 MBit Ethernet Full Duplex interface for configuration purposes and data acquisition

Chemnitz University of Technology

Our strong link to the Professorship of Power Electronics of the Chemnitz University of Technology provides us with a deep insight into new developments still in research phase. Our Measurement and Control Systems are therefore always dimensioned to meet the latest demands of the Power Electronics industry. We are able to develop both customized solutions as well as fit specific customer needs not covered by the standard testing procedures