We offer several services with focus on testing the reliability and robustness of power-semiconductor devices. We can cover any needed packages or semiconductor materials. We can develop as well new test methods to fulfill specific customer needs when required. Please contact us for more detailed information

The following sections show an excerpt of the services that Chemnitz Power Labs can offer

Power Cycling/Thermal Cycling

  • PCsec and PCmin following the AQG 324
  • Discretes and power modules up to 2000 A maximum test current
  • Device technologies: SiC MOSFET, GaN HEMT, IGBT, diodes, …
  • Thermal cycling/thermal shock with 2 chamber system following AQG 324 or JEDEC, optional heat-plate cycling

Thermal Characterization

  • Precise measurement of the thermal impedance of discrete components, power modules, embedded assemblies
  • Characterization of different chip technologies is possible, e.g. GaN HEMT, IGBT, SiC MOSFET, diodes


  • Low-voltage and high-voltage tests are possible up to 6.5 kV device class
  • Different climate chambers available
  • Accurate in-situ measurement of the leakage current down to 100 nA


  • Up to 6.5 kV device class, up to 200°C
  • Accurate in-situ measurement of the leakage current down to 100 nA


  • Different test stations for HTGB, stepped HTGB or in the future AC-HTGB (DGS – dynamic gate stress, see AQG 324)
  • In-situ measurement of threshold voltage possible, pre-conditioning method following JEDEC JEP 184
  • Precise leakage current measurements

Characterization of Power Semiconductors

  • Static and dynamic characterization of power-semiconductor devices in close alignment with our clients
  • Curve tracer equipment available up to 10 kV and 1500 A
  • Short-circuit, avalanche (unclamped inductive switching) and surge-current measurements
  • Several types of SMUs (source-measurement units) available: single, double

Failure Mode Analysis of Power-Semiconductor Devices

  • Scanning acoustic microscopy of discrete components and power modules
  • Optical microscopy
  • Bond-wire pull tester with mapping
  • Decapsulation of packages (mold, silicone)